Vol. 3 - BUSTER'S FAVORITE ANIMALS from Lots To Learn Preschool Videos

Lots To Learn Preschool Videos
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Get Vol. 3 - BUSTER'S FAVORITE ANIMALS from Lots To Learn Preschool Videos!

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Lions and Tigers and...Penguins! Oh my! Join Buster and Gato on a fun-filled, interactive safari through the animal kingdom as we explore the sights and sounds of your child’s favorite animals. 

Zoo animals, farm animals, monkeys, penguins, giraffes, singing dogs and cats! 

Make a Cow sound, sing and cluck like a chicken, and exercise along with The Lots To Learn Kids.

* Five Green Frogs * Match the Pattern * The Zoo

* Gato Counts in Spanish * Old MacDonald * Five Little Monkeys

* The Singing Chickens * Animal Rock * The Alphabet, and much more!


My wife and I sat with our 2 year-old daughter Erin to watch the Lots To Learn DVDs. It wasn't long before she jumped off the couch and actively participated in counting, color and shape recognition and reciting the alphabet. She also loved to clap, jump and twirl around during the exercise portion of this videos. She showed no interest in other educational videos, but has progressed so much after watching Lots To Learn about 3-4 times. Thank you for making an excellent, wonderful, clear, and straight forward series of videos. --Mike and Marianne H.

Hello, My name is Amy and I am a mom of a 2 1/2 year old son. He is very particular as to what he watches, so I decided to get your Lots To Learn DVDs. I want to commend you on the series, as he really likes it!! I will be telling all my friends about your DVDs!! Thank you! --Amy D.

Hello, We just wanted to say we watched your Lots To Learn Preschool Videos, and our 22 month old loved them! She rarely sits still to watch anything and this worked. We enjoyed it because it was educational. Once again, great product! --Juanita W.

  • Stream (Rent) only $1, Download (Buy) only $2

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  • Stream (Rent) only $1, Download (Buy) only $2
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Vol. 3 - BUSTER'S FAVORITE ANIMALS from Lots To Learn Preschool Videos

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